Honors Thesis and Independent Study

A WGSS major can conduct an Honors Thesis or Independent Study project with any faculty member with research interests that intersect with WGSS. Thesis projects may be a year-long project or a one-semester project (fall semester plus Winter Study). Independent Studies are 1-semester projects. Research projects may consist of a conventional research paper or another mode of presentation (e.g. art, music, poetry, theater, fiction). Refer to the course catalog for more details.

If you are interested in doing a thesis, talk to a faculty member whose teaching and/or research areas align with a potential thesis topic.

Key dates for full-year honors theses, 2017-2018

4/7/17: Initial proposal due
9/15/17: Revised proposal/plan of action
12/8/17: Progress report
1/25/18: Progress report and one draft chapter (or equivalent)
4/23/18: Thesis due
Week of 5/7/18: Presentations

Recent WGSS theses

Choice without access: abortion in Berkshire County
Elizabeth Curtis
Kim Gutschow (Religion and Anthropology/Sociology), advisor

Mulata não: Afro-Brazilian women and the concept of racial democracy
Kaya Gringas
Roger Kittleson (History), advisor

Disrupting the gatekeeper role: sexual scripts embedded in shameful silences in sex education in the United States
Isy Abraham-Raveson
Kiaran Honderich (WGSS), advisor

Mistress of evil, mother of good: queer potentialities and subversion in Disney’s Maleficent
Christine Case
María Elena Cepeda (Latino/a Studies), advisor

Off the record: intimacy and discourse at Williams College
Melissa Soule
Greg Mitchell (WGSS) and Amy Holzapfel (Theater), advisors

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl: a question of agency
Bryn Dunbar
Amy Hozapfel (Theater), advisor

Epidemic politics: representation and resistance in the first decade of AIDS
Colleen Farrell
Sara Dubow (History), advisor

Revolting bodies: female body politics and prostitution in nineteenth century New York and London
Tracey Vitchers
Gretchen Long (History), advisor

“Why don’t you take a seat?” Dateline’s To Catch a Predator, vigilantism, and narratives of sexual predation
Victoria Williams
Gail Newman (German), advisor